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Bug#415127: installation-report: Graphical install does not work on Apple MacBook

Davide Viti ha scritto:


As suggested by Attilio, I then got the output of "dfbinfo" (attached
to this message) which I hope will help identifying the root of the


(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'keyboard'
(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'ps2mouse'
(*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 6306)...

I see we're using linux_input input module to handle mouse and keyboard, which is default for i386 and usually works well. To be sure linux_input is not broken on Intel Macs, could you pleas try to boot textual, then remove from /etc/directfb the two lines disabling "keyboard" and "ps2mouse" modules and instead disable "linux_input" module only ? If the crash should persist, we can at least say it's not because of linux_input module.


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