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Re: About console-setup in d-i

On Friday 27 April 2007 15:04, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> > Can you give some idea of what would be needed? Some questions I
> > have:
> > - would we still need kbd-chooser, or is there a replacement 
> We need it only during the first stage; the udebs replace it.

Sorry, but I don't understand this [1] at all. You seem to be saying that 
we will still need kbd-chooser in D-I and at the same time that the 
console-setup udebs replace it...

Could you explain again what will be used to select a keymap in the 
installer when we switch to console-setup? Does console-setup provide 
something that replaces kbd-chooser?

I don't think we should make any changes before this is clear. If we make 
a switch to console-setup, we should IMO make it for both the installer 
itself and for the installed system, and also for all languages.
Using both will only create a maintenance and troubleshooting nightmare.

To be honest, I'm less worried about translation issues. Getting that 
working should be relatively easy once we have the technical part 


[1] Talking about "first stage" does not really make any sense anymore. 
The whole installation now takes place before the reboot: there is no 
longer a "second stage" with base-config. It _does_ make sense to 
distinguish between things that happen in the D-I environment and in 
the /target chroot.

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