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Bug#422307: Sparc installation problem.

On Monday 07 May 2007 03:54, Anthony Smith wrote:
> I had to figure out the hard way,  that to get to the shells during
> install you have to set debconf priority to low AND BOOT_DEBUG=3....any
> other combination failed for me. I repeatedly tried BOOT_DEBUG=3 and
> never saw a menu where I could get to a shell until I used the low
> priority.

BOOT_DEBUG=3 has nothing to do with the ability to enter a shell during 
the installation; it only enables a shell during the boot of the 
priority=low is certainly not required to enter a shell. The easiest 
method is to use <Go Back> from almost any installer screen until you get 
to the main menu and then selecting the "execute a shell" option. I've 
added a sentence in the manual about using <Go Back>.

> I had to find the dd trick to get the disk label back to a usable
> state. Otherwise my 2GB harddrives appeared to be 200MB drives.

Known issue. It would be great if someone from the sparc community would 
really analyze the issue and provide a fix for it (probably in 

> What are the command line partitioning tools ?? :-)  I know now, but to
> someone with no experience this would be daunting, if not
> unapproachable.

I don't think any are available for sparc by default. You can install 
fdisk as an optional component, but there is currently no easy option to 
do that. We hope to improve that for the next Debian release.

Thank you for your comments.


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