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Bug#422439: base-config: support installing sarge as oldstable

On Sunday 06 May 2007 07:39, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I just checked out the branches/sarge directory from base-config's SVN
> and I'm ready to send the call for translations as well as commit
> translation updates as soon as your patch is committed.

Attached is a tarbal with the "mini PO files". Could you check it and do 
the call for updates for that? Probably best to just have them mail the 
result back to you privately so we can merge the updated translations in.

Note that the suite choices are included twice, but in a different order 
(one from D-I and one from apt-setup). Both need to be updated!

All PO files are in UTF-8. The PO headers are from D-I, except from mk 
which is not included in D-I for Sarge.


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