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Bug#419947: [newt] Characters in titlebar are sometimes unbalanced

On Thursday 19 April 2007 00:44, Davide Viti wrote:
> The attached patch makes sure characters surrounding the title are
> always even (see also #416543).

This is really only a very cosmetic issue.

I have some reservations about this patch.
- Is it really correct to _subtract_ a position to balance the border?
  I'd expect you would _add_ a position to make sure that you never have
  to few positions.
- Should not first a "cleaner" solution be implemented for the fact that
  the width of the sigils varies? I think subtracting a position currently
  only "works" because most times the sigil is not 2 positions while we do
  now reserve 2 positions for it. This function would be the correct place
  to implement that.
- The patch makes the newtCenteredWindow calls fairly complex. It would
  possibly be better to recalculate the width by calling a separate


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