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Re: possible grub issues on amd64

severity 402157 normal
retitle 402157 missing GPT support
severity 407338 normal
tags 407338 d-i
merge 402157 407338

Otavio wrote:
> I'm one of Debian GRUB maintainers and I'm not aware of any know bug
> with 2500GB. Where have you got that information?

d-i automaticaly switches to GPT when hard disk is >2 TiB.

Joey wrote:
> So the only reason this bug is still open is due to the
> comments about needing to patch asmstub.c or compiling with -m32. I will
> leave it to the grub maintainers to follow up on that..

Sounds like an LFS problem.  But even if you compile grub with support to
mmap big files or similar, the partition layout is GPT and the stage files
can't parse it.

I've been working to make GRUB 2 provide a solution for that.  GPT support is
already implemented (and supported by upstream), but it has to be enabled for
PC (i.e. non-EFI) systems.  I expect that next upload of grub2 will include it,
but it still needs some testing.  If anyone feels like it, my patch is at:


Robert Millan

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