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Re: Bug#421402: It's installed by default but not activated and configured by default!

On Wednesday 02 May 2007 17:11, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         What exactly has libselinux got to do with needing "selinux=1"
>  on the kernel commandline?
>         Unless there is some concrete bug, or some concrete action that
>  can be taken by libselinux, I will assign this bug back to the d-i,
> for people to do with it as they wish.

Hi Manoj,

There _is_ no bug and as you can see in the BR history I already closed 
the report earlier.

My standpoint is that you (the SELinux maintainers) will determine when 
the time is ripe (if ever) to enable SELinux by default, or 
alternatively, when that should become an option in expert mode. I expect 
that you will then contact the d-i team to discuss what changes need to 
or can be made in the installation process to implement that.

AFAIK, SELinux support is not ready for that yet, at the very least 
because of missing support for exim4.

Feel free to close this BR. Please don't reassign to d-i as there is no 
d-i issue here either.


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