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Re: Bug#421805: installation-reports: Network setup incorrect after installation

On May 01, Frank Lenaerts <frank.lenaerts@edpnet.be> wrote:

> Searched for similar bugreports and found out that Debian bug #394047 seems 
> to resemble it. My system has eth0 (on-board) and eth{1,2,3,4} (a qfe 
> card).
Which uses the same MAC address for all interfaces.
Your system sucks, sorry.
You can work around this by deleting /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net*,
but probably eth0 and eth[1-4] will still get their names swapped and
you may need to write custom rules to assign them names on the basis of
PCI bus position or similar unique attributes.

Maybe d-i should have a check for this condition?


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