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Re: About console-setup in d-i

(Alastair, it is probably quite important that you first read this
thread in debian-boot. We really might need your involvment)

> The first stage is this: (a) make the Cyrillic languages use
> console-setup instead of console-cyrillic and (b) use console-setup
> for even more languages (such as Vietnamese and all non-Latin
> languages) the same way currently the Cyrillic languages use
> console-cyrillic.  I will be more than glad to be able to obsolete
> console-cyrillic so I don't have to maintain similar functionality in
> two packages.  Console-setup is already better and more universal than
> console-cyrillic and it also seams very easy to maintain.
> This first stage is very simple and it is a pity that it was not
> complete for etch.

Well, that would have needed a plan, which didn't really happen. The
manpower for console handling in D-I is very scarce.

> > - how much development would be needed
> For the first stage very little development is needed - we simply use
> console-setup instead of console-cyrillic.

How? Just replace "apt-install console-cyrillic" by "apt-install
console-setup" in localechooser's finish-install script?

> The most important change in d-i before the udebs of console-setup can
> be used is that console-setup needs 'loadkeys'.  This means that the
> console maintainers will have to make an udeb with loadkeys.

You mean a udeb from console-tools, named "console-tools-udeb", with
only loadkeys?

If so, we should file this against console-tools.

> The other change is inside localechooser.  Console-setup needs
> information about the encoding of the selected locale, or else it has
> to ask the question about the encoding with critical priority.  If
> localechooser sets a template such as debian-installer/locale-encoding,
> this should be enough.

That should maybe be merged with Colin's proposed changes to
localechooser. I remember him also talking about getting the encoding
for a given locale as not all locales have the encoding in their name.

> I think that is all that needs to be done outside console-setup.  If
> d-i uses console-setup, then all console-related stuff can be (but
> doesn't need to be) removed from localechooser.
> The most difficult part inside console-setup is to make the
> model/layout strings translatable.  The X upstream provides
> translations in a xml file but I have no idea how to use them.

Here, I feel like we're desperately needing Denis Barbier who had all
this knowledge..:-|

However, is that needed? If I'm correct, Ubuntu uses a method to
recognize the keyboard layout by asking users to type some keys. That
could maybe be used to avoid prompting for the keyboard layout.

> This is what I can not do:
>    - to fix the bugs promptly (for example translation-based uploads);

I don't get the point here. Do you need help dealing with
console-setup l10n and prepare packages?

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