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debian installer


i have to install debian etch on about 50 computer and i have a weak internet connection. With Potato,Woody,Sarge i used  to copy the DVD/CD content to one local HD, offer that directory via http/ftp and after pxe-boot i could  point to my  http/ftp server as  install source mirror. Now with Etch, the  installer shipped with CD/DVD iso can only install from CD/DVD (so like in the past ;-((), the installer downloaded as netboot accept only "official" debian mirror, not my server with copied dvd-contents. I can just choose stable/testing/unstable and then comes abort. I can only see on tty4 "Release file unsigned"..... If i choose the "official mirror" everything runs OK. My http/ftp server is a redhat-based linux and i don´t want to run a full debian mirror with rsync or similar.
Any idea? Is it possible to ship a stable installer that accept more then one art of sources?  What about NFS ?

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