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Bug#421602: wish d-i could pick dhcp response based on vendor-class-identifier

Package: netcfg
Version: 1.36
Severity: wishlist

This is a wishlist bug so that this post does not get lost/forgotton:
patches may follow as time and motivation allows!

The dhcp protocol and many (good) clients allow multiple dhcp servers.
The debian-installer dhcp client sends a vendor-class-identifier of "d-i".
The debian-installer dhcp client SHOULD be configurable to only accept
dhcp leases which come from servers that send a reply containing a
vendor-class-identifier of "d-i".

If d-i is using dhclient then an /etc/dhclient.conf with a
"select-timeout" line and a "require" line should enable this
functionality if I have read the man page right.

One more debconf key would be needed. If it was set true then (
select-timeout could be made equal to the dhcp timeout and require
line could ve set ) .

Note: netcfg seems to write out /etc/dhclient.conf just before calling dhclient.
/etc/dhclient.conf in the initrd is edited as it is copied to the
installed /target system. This editing would need to be updated if the
code that writes /etc/dhclient.conf is changed.

Alex Owen

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