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Re: seen ntfs from debian v.4

Op 30-04-2007 om 10:44 schreef Miroslav Kure:
> On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 05:53:05AM -0700, FERNYDALE wrote:
> > I install the last version of Debian 4 in a Toshiba Laptop, (Satellite
> > 100 w/Centrino duo processor) and there is no sound in linux but in
> > windows.
> Is the sound card recognized by the system? (dmesg)
> Did you unmute the channels? (alsamixer)

Beside the unmute, I had to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.20

> > The second thing is I cannot acces my files in windows from linux.
> mount -t ntfs -o ro,utf8 /dev/sdaX /mnt
> (replace sdaX with your windows partition)

For what I understand from NTFS support under Linux,
is that you need 'ntfs3' and 'fuser' to be able to also write on it.

> > Could you please tell me how to do it or if you need more info to help
> > me?
> For this kind of questions please try debian-user@ mailinglist

The people at that mailinglist and other maillinglists
do appriciate that you are aware of

Geert Stappers

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