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Re: Proposed release goal: Switch to GRUB2

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 14:59, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> We, the GRUB team, want to swtich to GRUB2 due many reasons, basicaly:
>  - better codebase;

Is grub2 fundamentally different from grub, or is it basically based on 
the current grub but just developed further?

>  - multi-arch support;

Do you really mean multi-arch or just "supports more architectures"?

> Our current plan is to finish the update-grub2 merging on upstream
> side (being handled by Robert) and then upload a new package to
> Debian. This package after moving to lenny ought be set as default
> boot-loader in grub-installer (while we still offer grub as an option
> during the test cicle).

How well has the new grub been tested so far?
Are there any use cases that grub2 is not known to support that grub does 
Have all the regular installs already been checked (e.g. root on raid1)?
Has e.g. support for Xen been checked?
Has grub2 been checked for obvious past issues we've had in grub (like
/dev/cciss/c0d0 support)?
Has been checked that grub2 scripts don't write to stdout?

Does grub2 solve any of the issues we currently have with grub?
- xfs support
- lvm support
- wrong detection of correct boot device in BIOS

It would be really nice to have a wiki page comparable to the one for the 
initrd generator change [1] that gives an overview of such issues.

> The upgrade from grub to grub2 will be transparent since menu.list can
> be automaticaly converted to the new format and this will be in place
> when we start the default boot-loader change.

Does the conversion program support all possible features in a current 
grub menu.lst or are there areas where this is uncertain?
How widely has the conversion script been tested?

> After doing it, we intend to drop grub from archive since it's a bunch
> of patches difficult to maintain and hard to follow.

If you really mean to deprecate grub in favor of grub2, then you should 
probably rename grub2 to grub at some point before the release of Lenny.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/InitrdReplacementOptions

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