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Bug#420809: Bug: Installation-reports: init placed in /sbin/init but Grub looks for it as /init

Package: Installation-reports
Version: debian-40r0-i386-CD-1.iso
Severity: Important

(NB: originally rejected because Package: was not first, but I copied from your example in which Package: was also not first)

Performed a mostly default install of the current stable as of yesterday on a PIII with a single HD, which I specified should all be used and should be reformatted. On initial reboot got a kernel panic: "can't find /init". As Grub does not (apparently) provide any means of browsing the HD, and I could not get find to find init, I had to guess. Finally adding init=/sbin/init to the kernel line worked.

Since no configuration option is presented as to where init should be placed, I do think Grub and the installer should agree a priori.

makes the release not suitable for naive users.

David Warman

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