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waking up in the 10.x.x.x network

Michael S. Peek said:
If I attempt to set up my own DHCP server then I run into a race
condition between my DHCP server and the campus DHCP server.  There's no
way to tell d-i which server to contact, so it'll listen to the first
one that it hears back from.

So as near as I can tell, there is just no way to make this work.

The DHCP protocol has the "Vendor Class Identifier" which could ne
incoperated into the d-i dhcp-client.

The dhcp protocol and many (good) clients allow multiple dhcp servers.
The debian-installer dhcp client sends a vendor-class-identifier of "d-i".
The debian-installer dhcp client SHOULD be configurable to only accept
dhcp leases which come from servers that send a reply containing a
vendor-class-identifier of "d-i".

If d-i is using dhclient then an /etc/dhclient.conf with a
"select-timeout" line and a "require" line should enable this
functionality if I have read the man page right.

It is a shame that
http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/apbs02.html B.2.5 seems to
say that d-i overloads the dhcp filename option to find the location
of the preseed file. In my opinion this is better handled using
vendor-encapsulated-options. Check out sun solaris install
docs for ideas on this front! Mind you I guess there are many "simple"
dhcp servers out there thus making overloading the filename option
more practical.

Hmm... I think there was some talk of changing the dhcpclient engine
for lenny... there seemed to be lots of suggestions... my vote is for
udhcpc. Anyway making the dhcp client in d-i more featureful with
regards multiple  dhcp servers perhaps could be added as a lenny
release goal???

Just some thoughts!
Alex Owen

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