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Re: Bug#419595: libpango1.0-udeb: undesirable new dependencies

Le lundi 16 avril 2007 à 21:31 +0200, Frans Pop a écrit :
> Package: libpango1.0-udeb
> Version: 1.16.2-1
> Severity: serious
> Tags: d-i
> I just noticed that the libpango udeb has gotten two new dependencies on 
> libraries so far not used in the installer: libdatrie0 and libthai0.
> Is there any chance of building the udeb without the need for those libs?
> In the mean time, we will not be able to build the installer until the 
> libs are either dropped or new udebs are created for them.
> If you need to discuss this, please CC the debian-boot list.

AFAIK these libraries are only needed by the Thai language module, not
by the pango library itself.

I don't know how critical this module is to proper Thai support in the
installer. Theppitak, do you know about it?

If it is necessary to have it, we can split the thai module in a
separate udeb to avoid the dependency inflation. Otherwise, we can
simply remove it from the udeb.

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