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Bug#419812: installation-reports


It's good to hear from you. The Debian download page asks users to fill
out an installation report even when the installation goes well. (And I
think this installation went very well--I'm actually very happy with the
overall experience) so I was just trying to follow through with that.
Otherwise I wouldn't ever have complained about something so minor (and,
as I think about it more in retrospect, likely unrelated to the Debian
installation software.)

I installed onto an old (but completely reformatted) hard drive on a
motherboard I had been using as my home desktop computer (dual boot
Win2k and a different Linux distro.) Under normal use, this system keeps
correct system time (right on the motherboard, perhaps sometimes with
the assistance of the battery installed there.)

Reading your description and thinking a bit more, the best thing I can
think of is my computer was unplugged from all external connections
(including power) for several days, about one day before I did the
installation. When I go out of town, I unplug everything connected to my
computer system--even the cable modem just to be on the safe side,
especially as we approach thunderstorm season here in the midwest. Note
my motherboard is now several years old, so I can't comment as to the
reliability of its battery.

Anyway, this is the best I can think of.


On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 13:37 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

> > Minor quirk: the time was set to some 
> > peculiar value, some non-integral number of hours off from my system
> > time setting before the installation. I don't consider this serious at
> > all, just following up on the "E" entry above.
> That's weird as the installer does not touch the hardware clock at all. It 
> only sets if the clock is set to UTC or local time (in most cases it 
> automatically selects this) and the timezone.
> Any ideas what may have happened?
> Cheers,

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