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Re: debian-installer - tranlate to spanish

Quoting Damián Pajares (dpajares@montevideo.com.uy):
> Hello everybody . I'm Damián Pajares from Uruguay.
> I'm looking for help with the debian-installer translation to Spanish. 
> Please tell me , How can I do it?
> The main interest is in debian wireless drives like wlan-ng and other.
> I'm current in contact with the developer list but I may help in more
> basic translates  how basic configuration for laptops. Thanks in advance.
> Regard, Damián.

The Debian Installer Spanish translation is currently very well
managed by the Spanish localization team, which I CC to this mail. 

However, they certainly would welcome help for many translation tasks
they handle so you really might want to contact them by joining the
debian-l10n-spanish mailing list (http://lists.debian.org for details)

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