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Bug#353573: partman: [hppa] 'PALO' partition on /dev/sda changed to 'linux' during install to /dev/sdc

reassign 353573 partman-auto
severity 353573 important

> During an install on hppa using partman-auto, I noticed that the
> partition table for /dev/sda was going to be modified even though I was
> installing to /dev/sdc. After rebooting I discovered that the type of
> the first partition (/dev/sda1) had been changed from F0 (Linux/PA-RISC
> boot) to 83 (Linux).

I've now managed to trace this issue to the clean_method function in 
partman-auto/recipes.sh that is called from partman-auto/perform_recipe.

This function will delete the "method" files for _all_ partitions on _all_ 
devices. In general this is probably OK, but not if the method file is 
used to identify special boot partitions as is the case for HPPA/PALO and 
possibly also for other arches (e.g. efi, prep).

For a PALO partition, the method file contains "palo" and the script 
partman-palo/update.d/palo_sync_flag relies on the presence of this to 
retain the palo flag.

I'm not sure what the correct solution for this would be:
- quit running 'clean_method'
- quit running 'clean_method' for other devices than the one being
- only delete method if it contains certain values (like "format")
- don't delete method if it contains certain values ("palo", "prep", ...)

I'm not quite sure why clean_method is run at all. Presumably it is to 
undo any earlier (manual) changes. In that case running the scripts in 
undo.d as is done for "Undo changes to partitions" could be a better 

Currently used values for method are:
format keep swap lvm raid crypto efi newworld palo prep

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