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Re: Re: Bug#418043: marked as done, missing Joey Hess

Joey Hess wrote:
>My coolness in conflicts is largely due to immediatly ignoring threads
>that contain language such as "you don't read very well, Frans" and >"Now
>tell me, Frannsie-Boy, what makes you think".

you're right, Joey, and I apologize to Frans for it. Sorry Frans.

I still don't think that comments like "The submitter seems to think
[here follows a ludicrous statement which implies that the user is an
idiot and shows that the developer didn't read the user's report at all
nor take it seriously]..." are very conducive to good
developer/bugreporter relations because at least for me after having
numerous developers disregard accurate bug reports, it's extremely
frustrating to be yet again quickly dismissed, falsely quoted, and
played off for stupid on the basis of the false interpretation. This was
the starting point for my inappropriate comments.

anyway, enough of this time wasting...I'm sure we all have better things
to do than quibble about empty trivialities. back to work...



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