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Bug#419352: Access with keyboard with installgui

Christian Perrier wrote:
Quoting Dan Phillips (dwp@rushpost.com):

Can I make a suggestion that or maybe a change request for use of space key or Enter key rather than + or - keys for expanding the options as referred to in the above document. I am not the first person to be fooled by this and most likely not the last. I do not believe using + and - is an intuitive way of using these menus and not everyone will read the Appendix

Some people would laugh seeing me taking this example, but "+" is the
common way to deploy a sublist in hierarchical menus in many graphical
environments, including MS Windows (just try with en Explorer window
on any Windows flavour).

I just played around on a couple of applications and noticed that nautilus accepts this method, but then Thunar and Thunderbird does not. They prefer the space or return method. I didn't even think to use + and - when faced with that situation, although thinking back to when I worked for Microsoft I used it often, but this was a while ago now and with earlier versions of windows and file manager. I am guessing most people wouldn't know what to do here and would not try the + or -, I could be wrong, but that's my guess. No laughs here, just a few chuckles :)

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