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Bug#419665: RE Bug#419665: Acknowledgement (Install from cd version 3.1 fail because kernel is removed during the process (or try to be))


I make some test and this is what I discover :

Because of Debian 4.0 and this major change, the stable version remove any kernel-* and initrd. Of course because this is obsolete with 4.0.

The matter is when you came from 3.1 (and I assume older release). Aptitude (as apt) will set as remove this for kernel-* and initrd unless, I guess, you change source list for specific sarge (Not Ech i.e. 4.0).

One way to run away the problem and successfully go to 4.0 is to say Yes to the removing (I don't try a No for this test) of initrd and the kernel-image-*. BUT you must not reboot (No more kernel or initrd), before to do that, You must install the new package of "linux-kernel" (note that only 2.6.* are possible, and choose form your plateform). New package accordling to the doc begin with "linux-image-*". aptitude will do a great job with dependencies and install the new initraw-fs (I see wierd error appear during this phase, the remove of my lovely Grub for this horrible Lilo. I install again my grub). All work fine after, and I reboot. Woot, I have Etch now :)

Maybe, to make automatic install of this new package otherwise initrd will remove and if user say Yes, the kernel too.

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