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Bug#419098: installation-reports: Testing the new Businesscard CD - It works

If the full CD images directory doesn't always contain the MD5SUMS for the netstat and businesscard images, then the page needs to have a link to the directory that does contain them. The links for the netstat and businesscard points to the iso files and there is no easy way to get to directory that they are in.

Frans Pop wrote:
On Friday 13 April 2007 18:45, Stephen Frazier wrote:
You should make the MD5SUMS easier to find. On the "Installing etch"
page (http://www.us.debian.org/releases/etch/debian-installer/) under
Notes third point it says "For the netstat and ... are available from
the same directory as the images." It should read something like "...
are available from the dame directory as the full CD images." As worded
it is not clear where the directory is that contains the MD5SUMS.

No sorry, that wording could lead to other misunderstandings. The MD5SUM files are always in the same directory as the image you are downloading. That is not necessarily the same directory as the full CD images.

As your installation was successful, I'm closing your report. Thank you for submitting it and good luck with your new system.


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