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Bug#419417: Installation report

Frans Pop schrieb:
> On Sunday 15 April 2007 18:25, Bernhard wrote:
>> Comments/Problems
>> GRUB Bootloader installation fails.
>> I used LILO instead.
> If you used a daily built image, this was almost certainly due to a script 
> error that has now been fixed. Therefore closing your report.
> If you used an official Etch image, please reply to this message and we 
> can reopen the report. In that case, please also include the files syslog 
> and hardware-summary (both gzipped!) from /var/log/installer/.
> Thank you for submitting your report.
> Cheers,


this was a daily build image.
If this bug is fixed, close of this bug report is ok.

Thank you for the fast response.


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