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Bug#419141: iso-scan: Allow multiple architecture iso images

Here is the patch in the format you requested.

Yeah, I know it is specific to these two architectures, but it does not break anything (i.e. it will work for the other architectures if there is only one ISO image on the key) and at least it works for those two. Perhaps it could be generalized for the others.

Frans Pop wrote:
tags 419141 - patch

On Friday 13 April 2007 23:55, Harry Edmon wrote:
The following patch would allow you have have both the i386 and amd64
ISO images on a USB key, and the correct one would be mounted based on
whether you booted a 32 or 64 bit kernel.

Please provide patched in unified diff format ('diff -u').

I'm afraid the patch as is, is not really acceptable as it does not allow for any other architectures than i386 and amd64. However, we will consider your suggestion.

--- iso-scan.postinst.orig	2007-04-13 14:48:55.019085293 -0700
+++ iso-scan.postinst	2007-04-13 13:56:01.449622638 -0700
@@ -19,7 +19,16 @@
 is_debian_iso () {
-	test -e /cdrom/.disk/info
+	if [ -e /cdrom/.disk/info ] ; then
+		case "$(archdetect)" in
+		     i386/*)
+		         test -e /cdrom/install.386 ;;
+		     amd64/*)
+		         test -e /cdrom/install.amd ;;
+		     *)
+		         return 1
+	        esac
+        fi
 register_cd () {

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