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Bug#418043: acpi=off versus noapic bootparam

reopen 418043
retitle 418043 acpi=off versus noapic bootparam
tags 418043 +moreinfo
thanks bug tracking system

Hi Geert,

thanks for your friendly reply.

I restarted the installation to collect the data you requested on the
acpi bootparam stuff. I had a mistake in my notes from the installation
and consequently my initial report, which I can correct now. My mistake
in the report is that only "noapic" works and "apci=off" doesn't. BTW,
*note* the difference in the order of the letters 'a p c i' in "noapic"
and "apci=off"!

The "special boot param" screen reports this correctly. Confusingly,
however, the other help screens use "acpi=off" as a default bootparam
example. This is what confused me. Here's a summary:

The F3 help screen "Boot Methods" has as example:

"boot: install acpi=off"

The F4 help screen "Rescue Mode" has as example:

"boot: rescue acpi=off"

The F6 help screen "Special boot parameters -- var. hardware" says:

"If you experience lockups or other failures disable buggy APIC ...

For example:
 boot: install noapic nolapic"

I would suggest changing the examples on the F3 and F4 help screens to
be "install noapic" and "rescue noapic"

Since you retitled the general installation report to the specific
bootparam issue, I'm going to open a new bug for the grub+sata issue.



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