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Adding a kernel to etch netinst

Hello all,

I am attempting to modify the etch netinst iso to include
the speakup kernel as an option in installation.  I
downloaded the linux-2.6 (2.6.18-12) source packages and
added speakup as a subarch applying the speakup patches and
generated the debs using dpkg-buildpackage, generated
loop-aes debs and split everything up into the udebs using
kernel-wedge from the etch svn branch.  The kernel debs
generated are named as follows.

So abiname is preserved in the kernel.  I modified the
installer to use the kernel and ran make
build_cdrom_isolinux and dropped the initrd.gz and vmlinuz
onto the netinst CD.  Dropped all the udebs in as well as
the debs for linux-image and linux-headers.  Regenerated
the Packages, Packages.gz and RElease file as well as
md5sum.txt and booted the speakup install.

The new kernel booted ok but the installing after loading
the cdrom modules and finding the cd says it's unable to
find the kernel modules on the CD.  This is after selecting
"load installer components" in expert mode.  So I'm not
sure what it's looking for here.  The debs on the CD match
the kernel version booted and on the initrd and those debs
are indeed in the Packages file.  The installed udebs are
also in the debian-installer/Packages file on the CD.

Not being too familiar with d-i, is it possible to do the
modules scan from the alt-f2 console and see what file it's
actually looking for.  Is it possible that the scan doesn't
like the dash in the version ie parsing the kernel version
as $version-$abiname-$subarch such as 2.6.18-1-486 rather
than 2.6.18-4-speakup-486?


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