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Bug#418341: turning DMA off

On Fri 13 Apr, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Op 13-04-2007 om 18:27 schreef Chris Bell:
> > 
> > I usually find that DMA has been turned on but the drive is unable to
> > comply, so I turn DMA off for that drive.
> How?
> Please spend some more time on this bugreport.
> Example given: tell/explain how to turn off DMA.
> Thank you,
> Geert Stappers
   By coincidence I have just seen this problem on an older box, and
followed the installation instructions in Chapter
   The screen display "Detect CDROM" is followed by a list of modules to be
loaded, I just pressed <return>, the modules were loaded, then the screen
went mostly blue, followed by an error message reporting a CDROM access

   I changed to console 2 <alt>F2>
<return> to activate 
cd /proc/ide/hdc
echo -n "using_dma:0" >settings

then return to console 1 <alt><F1> and retry CDROM detection. This brought
up the screen "CD-ROM detected"

Chris Bell

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