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Bug#417590: deleted VG haunts installer, cryptroot file missing

reassign 417590 partman-lvm
retitle 417590 partman-lvm: needs to unlock devices which are no longer in use

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 09:30:48AM -0400, Stephen Gildea wrote:
I had a couple of problems with the netinst GUI installer.

If you create an LVM physical partition and then use it in a Volume
Group, you cannot later change the size of the LVM partition.  One
would think you could delete the VG, delete the LVM partition, and
re-create the partition a different size.

However, after you delete the VG, the partitioner still thinks the LVM
partition is in use by that VG, even though the VG no longer appears
in the LVM configuration and cannot be (again) deleted.  The only
solution appears to be to restart the installation.

Yes, partman-lvm needs to unlock the partitions/devices containing LVM PV's when they are no longer in use, this needs to be fixed.

I was doing all this LVM set-up inside an encrypted partition.

After restarting the install, it turns out that an encrypted volume
can have only one thing inside it, so while I was now allowed to
resize the LVM, there is no point, as I can't use the remaining space
for anything else.

Well, that's a limitation of how the device-mapper crypto works, not much we can do about it.

This second pass at an installation proceeded okay until it was time
to reboot.  The reboot failed with 'Volume group "root" not found' and
'Waiting for root file system...'

Poking around in the resulting shell turns up the fact that the
initramfs created for me by the installer was missing the file

I created that file and manually re-ran /scripts/local-top/cryptsetup.
The system then continued to boot.  Thank you for providing a shell at
this point so I could recover.

In the actual root file-system, I found that /etc/crypttab had no entries.
I fixed /etc/crypttab and ran "dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.18-4-686".
This fixed the initramfs, and now my system boots.

But why didn't the installer set up my crypt configuration?

This sounds very weird, but also not reproducible. I've done several successful test installations using the official Etch installer (using various combinations of automated and non-automated installs, with and without LVM). The /etc/crypttab file was created correctly each time.

Are you able to reproduce this with the official Etch installer and could you provide the exact steps to reproduce it please?

David Härdeman

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