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Re: Debian-installer

> > I was trying with installing in tamil(An indian language) The instllation ccame in tamil for half way till partitioning and after partitioning there was a mixup between tamil and english.half came in english and half in tamil.when I saw po files for the respective packages in d-i source I found everything is properly translated in tamil.Then why it is not coming fully in tamil language.
> > 
> > May I know the reason.Is it a bug in debian-installer.What can i do now to solve this.

I'm currently completing an install entirely in Tamil and everything
is translated up to the end of the installation process.

I'm using the etch netinst CD and the graphical installer.

PS: no I don't read nor speak Tamil. I just do the install by
remembering what are the asked questions..:)

The only untranslated things are "Installing foo" and "Configuring
foo" messages while the system is installing all packages, and also
the tasks names.

Both are expected behaviour because these strings come from packages
(tasksel and aptitude) that were'nt fully translated to Tamil at the
moment they were frozen for Etch (they are now, at least tasksel).

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