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Bug#418708: installation-reports: Dialogs difficult to use on gray-scale monitors

reassign 418708 debian-installer

On Wednesday 11 April 2007 14:07, Marc-Jano Knopp wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> Some dialogs like "Software selection" and "Download installer
> components" are difficult to use, as they have no visible selection bar
> or cursor on my gray-scale monitor. This is true for both framebuffer
> and text mode console.

No idea if we can actually solve this easily. Reassigning to d-i so we can 
keep track of this.

> Maybe it would help if the installer would ask whether there is a color,
> gray-scale or monochrome monitor attached (just like my old SuSE 7.x
> did) and set the TERM variable (or whatever is evaluated by
> dialog/tasksel/ whatever during and after the installation,
> respectively) to something appropriate.

I suspect we'd want to avoid a separate question as this is really not 
very common. A boot parameter would be an option.

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