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Bug#418688: d-i: Points to "Sarge" in sources.list

reassign 418688 mirrors

On Wednesday 11 April 2007 11:35, Frederic & Leah wrote:
> On a brand new minimal install of Etch from CD1, sources.list
> reference the Etch CD but Sarge online repositories (both
> mirrorservice.org and security.debian.org)

This means that mirrorservice.org has not yet switched "stable" to "etch"; 
they're just not up-to-date. The wrong listing for security is a side 
effect of that. We will try to avoid this issue for future releases in 
the installer though.

I'm reassigning this to the mirrors team. You can just change the entries 
in your sources list manually, but should probably consider changing to a 
mirror that has the etch release.
You can check http://<mirror>/debian/dists/etch/Release: it should have a 
line "Suite: stable".


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