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Bug#418590: main-menu: Segfault during automatic install on AMD64

Please reply to the BTS, even if I forget to set Reply-To... ;-)

On Tuesday 10 April 2007 21:44, you wrote:
> > Please check if this makes a difference:
> > - debian-installer/locale should be "string", not "select"
> No difference. :(
> > These are probably harmless, but also not used:
> > - debian-installer/country (probably ignored if locale is preseeded)
> How does it know I'm in the Netherlands then?

I'm not quite sure selecting a country that does not match a locale is 
supported ATM. If it works for you, that's fine, but I would not be 
surprised if it isn't. AFAIK preseeding locale as en_NL won't work 
either, but you could try that as an alternative.

> > - partman-auto/method (redundant if init_automatically_partition is
> > used)
> Are you sure? I get a question when I remove that.

You're right. I read the installation guide wrong for a moment.
In fact it is init_automatically_partition that is redundant as it is 
implied by "regular".

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