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Re: [SRM] [D-I] Translation fixes for 4.0r1


On Tue Apr 10, 2007 at 19:06:03 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Shortly before the release two translation errors were reported for 
> partman that I feel are important enough to consider fixing them for 
> Etch.
> For Catalan there is a string asking for simple confirmation of changes 
> ("Write previous changes to disk and continue?"), but the translation 
> asks for confirmation of LVM-related changes [1].
> This could seriously confuse users.
> For Romanian there is a string that is too long and therefore an important 
> part is cut off [2]. This string is seen during every installation 
> (selection of guided partitioning method).

go ahead.

> Would SRMs object if we update the relevant components for 4.0r1 to fix 
> those two issues?
> Cheers,
> P.S. If approved, should I ask in future or do SRMs prefer we just judge 
> for ourselves whether an update is possible and warranted.

well, i want every upload to p-u-new documented somewhere, for d-i best
with the string which we then later at to the press announcement, so
please send a mail.


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