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Re: basic change

Op 10-04-2007 om 10:29 schreef Frans Pop:
> On Tuesday 10 April 2007 01:41, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Would now be a good time if I want to multiple all the
> > menu-item-numbers by 100 and upload?

There is allready clean renumber of the file doc/devel/menu-item-numbers.txt
I remember vaughly an item-number 45  ( to fit between 40 and 50 ),
but I glad it is gone.

> Yes, go ahead. I don't think there's anything pending that really should 
> not be uploaded.
> Start high, move down?


There is one thing I'm worried about:

 Where the original numbers below 255?
 Did they fit in exit codes of programs?
 Was assumed that the menu-item was 8-bit?

Geert Stappers

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