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D-I - Translation updates for Etch

For Sarge, Christian set up an elaborate mechanism to sync translation 
updates in D-I SVN from "trunk" to the "sarge branch".
Looking back, we can see that with this mechanism loads of translation 
updates for Sarge were committed in SVN after Sarge was released, but, 
because we only uploaded a few packages to stable (because there were 
issues that made that necessary), almost none of these updates were ever 
actually seen by any users.

It also seems less necessary to sync translations as most translations are 
now more mature than they were with Sarge.

For these reasons, we propose to follow a different procedure for Etch.
- No automatic syncs of translation updates to the etch branch.
- If any *serious* errors are discovered in translations in the Etch
  installer, those can be reported on the debian-boot mailing list and
  then we will discuss if that error warrants an update with the next
  point release for Etch.
- Whether an update is possible and when depends on in which component
  the error is found.
- In the mean time, translators are encouraged to mention any translation
  errors in the translation of D-I Etch errata page [1] for their
- On the English page (and all other translations), we can consider adding
  a list of languages that have such errors listed.

There are currently two reported errors that will be considered for 4.0r1: 
one for Romanian and one for Catalan.



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