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Re: Tasksel translation in Etch Installer

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Lior Kaplan (kaplan@debian.org):
>> Hi,
>> I got a report today about a typo in Hebrew in the tasksel translation.
>> I've checked the SVN [0] and saw it was fixed with commit 1857 on
>> 2007-01-28.
>> Any idea which version got into Etch Installer? As RC2 was released on
>> March, I thought it already carries the change.
> The version in Etch Installer is 2.66
> 2.67, which contains numerous changes, has never been nuilt. I suspect
> this is because it has too many changes besides translations which
> made it unsuitable for etch.

Pity. I saw there was a special branch for post-etch changes in the SVN.

As 2.66 was uploaded on 28 Jan, this mean all the tasksel translation
changes is the last two months aren't used right now by the Etch installer.

I suggest we should upload 2.66etch1 to use these translation with the
release of Etch r1. Your thoughts ?


Lior Kaplan

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