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Bug#417599: installation-reports: No problems - installation smoother and better than ever!

On Tuesday 03 April 2007 18:19, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> The only glitch was setting up lvm on raid1. Installer installed lilo
> without detecting and configuring dual boot for windows. Since I don't
> know how to configure lilo, I decided to forget about lvm and reinstall
> with raid 1 and without lvm. grub didn't recognize the windows boot
> either, but I guess I know how to fix that.

Grub can be installed if you set up /boot as a separate partition (on a 
separate RAID1 if you like).

Windows is normally detected quite reliably. Would you be interested in 
helping find out why it was not?
If you are, please start another installation. When you get to 
partitioning, switch to VT2 and give the command 'os-prober'. What output 
does that give? After that you can abandon the installation.

Note that windows is _not_ detected if you chose to have the windows 
partition mounted during partitioning, but it does not look like you did.

The script that does the actual detection is
Maybe you can tell what goes wrong from that.

> Comments/Problems:
> Don't know if fdisk's "Disk /dev/md1 doesn't contain a valid partition
> table" is something to worry about.

As the RAID is not partitioned, that looks normal to me.


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