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Bug#418043: debian installer: problems with timezone, grub & sata drive, noacpi bootparam, and encrypted partitions

> 1. The first problem to crop up was with the language and timezone. I live in Germany, but am a native 
> english speaker and wish to install in English. As soon as you've selected the English language, you 
> can only choose timezones from the USA and it's territories. Luckily I was still *allowed* to choose 
> a german keyboard! Please try thinking less for the user and allow hir to choose whichever timezone s/he
> desires...I'm sure most people know which timezone they live in!

I suggest you look closer next time....or avoid hitting Enter too quickly.

A screen comes after the language selection that prompts you for a
"Country, area or territory".

Even though USA is the default value, there are several choices there,
most of them being English-speaking countries, or countries for which
English is an official language (at least those for which a locale

The last entry of this list is "Other" which brings the entire world
countries list. From there, "Germany" was present last time I checked.

I assume that you did hit Enter too quickly on that second screen,
without reading it....and therefore choosing USA as country.

Another option is that you installed at critical priority, which
lowers the number of screen to the very minimum. But that is a
specific request and not the default behaviour.

Please avoid suggesting that D-I developers are stupid enough for
thinking that one lives in USA when one speaks English.

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