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Bug#416543: [newt] Last letter of the title is cut

On Sunday 01 April 2007 18:16, Davide Viti wrote:
> TITLE_PADDING is 8 and is currently computed counting the following
> chars:
> 6  - "┌┤ [!]"
> 2  - "├┐"

No, actually it is (look at the comment):
1  - "┤"
6  - " [!!] "
1  - "├"

(IIRC "[!!]" is used for error dialogs.)

The comment does not mention the space before "[!!]", but otherwise I get 
only 7, not 8. It is also inconsistent as it does not account for the 
trailing space after the title, so the current issue could be just that 
and the correct count should be:
7  - "┤ [!!] "
2  - " ├"

That would be consistent with your comment that the window is created 2 
wider than t_width_title.

However, that could possibly still be one character too few as the 
truncation now happens with "[!]", so "[!!]" could result in truncation. 
What I don't understand about your examples is why the the right border 
is "├─┐". It seems to me that that may be one character too many, though 
the extra character could be "compensation" for the "!" that is missing 
because this is not an error dialog.

Could you do a test with a normal and an error dialog and TITLE_PADDING of 

(Maybe the [!!] should not be in the TITLE_PADDING, but should be counted 
separately, but that is beside the current issue.)

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