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Bug#415992: initrd halts on Compaq laptop

Well, that's different! Seems to work properly!

Looking good, I've now got a prompt to insert the Root floppy.

Unfortuantely, I'm just off on an overnight trip, so won't be able to test any more until tomorrow evening.

Bruce Ward

Frans Pop wrote:
On Wednesday 28 March 2007 02:06, bmward@inet.net.nz wrote:

I seem to have the same problem as Ilya Naydov.

Installing on Compaq 1590DT with 48MB RAM (Pentium 166) and using RC2
floppy image (no CD drive)

Halts at "Loading initrd.gz...." (thats 4 dots).

Same floppy set installed OK on a very recent desktop just 2 days ago!
Files on floppy are dated 10 March 2007

Basically that confirms that this is not a problem with the installer or with the floppy images themselves. It looks like the problem is either with the floppies or your floppy drive (and different machines _can_ behave differently with the same floppies: floppy drives are known to be very unreliable), or the problem is with kernel support for your hardware.

Note that this problem happens before the installer itself is really started.

I can now confirm that this is not a problem with the Sarge boot floppy
(laptop is now asking for the root floppy).

This seems to indicate that it could possibly also be a problem with the syslinux (which is used to boot the installer) version used in Etch.

Could you try the attached boot floppy image which was created with the Sarge version of syslinux?


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