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Re: Using existing LVM - bug in the Debian Installer?

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 23 March 2007 00:54, Sander Marechal wrote:
>> What I want to do is use the 128 Mb free space as /boot for a new
>> install and create two new LVM volumes in my big volume group for the
>> root and swap. How do I tell the installer to do that? It looks like
>> the installer doesn't recognise existing LVM groups. Is that a bug I
>> should report?
> When you get to partitioning, choose "manual" partitioning. The next 
> dialog (the partitioners main screen) should show at the top the 
> options "configure RAID" and "configure LVM". Select those and you will 
> be asked if you want to activate existing volumes.

Nope, sorry :-(

Here's what I get after starting the manual partitioning option:



Guided partitioning
Help on partitioning

SCSI.CCISS (-,0,0) (cciss.c0d0) - 18.2 GB Compaq Smart Array
    #1 primary 131.6 MB   ext3
    #3 primary 124.3 MB B ext3
    #2 primary 17.9 GB

SCSI.CCISS (-,0,1) (cciss.c0d1) - 109.2 GB Compaq Smart Array
    #1 primary 109.2 GB

Undo changes to partition
Finish partitioning and write changes to disk

<Go back>


I do not see the options to configure RAID or LVM. When I mark SCSI 0,
primary #2 and/or SCSI 1, primary #1 for use as PV for LVM then the
option to configure LVM appears. But before I can use that option it
says that the partitioning tables for bot SCSI's have changed and it
wants to write the changes to disk. I am afraid it will destroy the
existing LVM because I told it to use those two partitions as PV's.

Are there perhaps options that I should give to the installer at boot
time in order to use existing LVM's?

The machine in question is a HP ProLiant ML370 G3. The existing Etch-xen
install and LVM was made with the D-I daily build of 10 March 2007. The
installer I use to install plain Etch now is the RC2 build downloaded 22
 March 2007.

Sander Marechal

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