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problems with tyan thunder n3600B board, where are the netboot x86 images ?


for those who care about debian, and not only for their own private feud :

17:19 -!- Irssi: Join to #debian-boot was synced in 1 secs
17:19 < svenl> ah, nice, i am no more banned :)
17:20 < fjp> Don't think I've ever tested raid or lvm on s/390.
17:20 < fjp> svenl: Sorry, but that is a mistake then.
17:20 < svenl> fjp: i think i got hand on a newer tyan board, where the daily
image dies somwhere in the SATA drivers, unless
17:20 < svenl> unless i have fucked hardware.
17:21 < svenl> fjp: where did you guys put the link of the non-iso images on
the d-i web site ? or alternatively, where are the full d-i x86 daily builds ?
17:21 < svenl> fjp: and since i used the daily netinst builds, i guess this
applies to RC2 also, i want to try some netboot images.
17:22 -!- mode/#debian-boot [+o fjp] by ChanServ
17:22 -!- mode/#debian-boot [+b *!*sven*@*plz.fr] by fjp
17:22 -!- svenl was kicked from #debian-boot by fjp [fjp]

Anyone has any kind of experience with those tyan boards and see this same
problem ?

And could it be possible to restore the non-iso images links to the web site ? 


Sven Luther

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