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Bug#412052: installation: When upgrading and refreshing packages in aptitude, some bug reports are in not gzip format.

reassign 412052 aptitude
tags 412052 + unreproducible moreinfo

> Since it seems to be some part of the installer, I'll reassign it to
> the installer and hope someone over there has a clue what's going on,
> 'cos I sure don't.

I would love to help you, but after reading the BR I don't see any actual 
reference to the installer or installing a new system, and D-I does even 
less with retrieving BRs than aptitude.
I think the original "installation" refers to "package installation", 
not "system installation".

To the submitter:
Unfortunately your report makes no sense to the people most expert with 
the software you say has a problem. You will probably need to reproduce 
the problem and show specific error messages and explain the _exact_ 
sequence of actions with which you get the errors.
If you cannot do this, you can expect this bug report to be closed within 
the next few weeks.


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