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Bug#413718: closed by Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> (reply to 413718@bugs.debian.org) (Re: Bug#413718: debian-installer: netinst cannot authenticate to a public hotspot)

> It's very unlikely that we'll support that anytime soon.

Why not?  All it requires is the addition of `lynx' on the netinst images.
Of course, space is relevant, so maybe the answer is "use another image".
Still, I think lynx would make for a very pleasant addition, since it could
also be used to get online help/info while doing the install.

> I also question if it is advisable to install a system over such
> a public network.

It's my university's "free access" network, and it's definitely worth using
when doing an install: I got 5MB/s as compared to the 300kB/s I'd get at
home.  And it's not 100% public (which is why it requires an authentication
step).  Tere might be security issues, but it's not like those issues are
completely absent when using a different access method.

> Looks like you found the correct solution to finish the installation.

I did.  But it was rather inconvenient.  Basically take it as a plea to
include lynx in the netinst image (while understanding that other
priorities may keep lynx out of it in the foreseeable future).


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