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Bug#413788: Daily Etch build fails to install on iMac G5 - Ethernet not detected

Hi again Frans,

On Thursday 08 March 2007 02:30, Mike Hore wrote:
0001:03:0f.0 Ethernet controller: Apple Computer Inc. Shasta (Sun GEM)
According to this information, your NIC needs the sungem driver, which _is_ included in the installer and should be loaded automatically.

After the installer has failed to detect your NIC, please try the following:
- switch to VT2
- check if the sungem module is loaded ('lsmod | grep sungem')

No output.

- if it is, check dmesg for any messages about the NIC

I didn't see any, but there were about 2 screenfuls of info and I didn't know how to stop it scrolling off.

- if it is not, try to load it manually ('modprobe sungem')

FATAL: module sungem not found

So it really looks to me like it isn't there, sorry!

Cheers,  Mike.

          Mike Hore        mike_hore@aapt.net.au

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