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Bug#389881: RC-ness of this bug

Robert Millan [ackstorm] wrote:
> I urge you to reconsider severity of this problem.  There's another situation
> that makes it much worse:
>   - User boots off USB stick
>   - sda is USB, sdb is SCSI or SATA
>   - GRUB install on (hd0) (i.e. sda) fails.
>   - Manual repairing is not possible, because if you boot a rescue system
>     off USB stick, root disk will still be sdb.

Is this theoretical with SATA, or have you reproduced it?

The usb sticks include sata-modules as well as usb-modules, so AFAICS,
hardware detection should happen in the same order when booting from the
usb stick as booting from eg, netboot.

And I don't understand your report about problems with SCSI either,
since the USB stick also includes all SCSI modules.

see shy jo

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