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Bug#389881: RC-ness of this bug

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> From: Marco d'Itri [mailto:md@Linux.IT]
> Sent: 07 March 2007 11:05
> To: Robert Millan [ackstorm]
> Cc: Mike Hommey; 389881@bugs.debian.org; debian-release@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Bug#389881: RC-ness of this bug
> On Mar 07, "Robert Millan [ackstorm]" <rmillan@ackstorm.es> wrote:
> > Labels are not well tested and a source of problems indeed.
> The /dev/disk/by-*/ devices are well tested and I do not know about
> problems posed by them.
but if we are going to use those which set should we use?

by-path seems like a reasonable choice though it will break if users move anything (but then so would the old system in many cases)

by-id seems to use the make/model of the drive and maybe some unique id of the drive, 

by-uuid contains my two ext3 partitions but not my swap partition, it also seems like it may be vulnerable to becoming confused.

maybe an answer would be to use by-path if drives are presenent on multiple controllers during installation and use conventional names otherwise (possiblly with a way to override this behaviour for experts).

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