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Bug#404567: Please remove ttf-arphic-bkai00mp and gcin from chinese-t-desktop task.

reopen #404567

Dear folks,

I did a fresh install and than I found we can make things a lot better
for chinese-t-desktop users.
Please remove following two packages from chinese-t-desktop:

- ttf-arphic-bkai00mp

We should use uming as default Chinese font for display,
ttf-arphic-bkai00mp is suitable for printing only, not for display,

- gcin
Two problems:
1) It has same priority with scim, so it confuses  im-switch and our
users. So it should come in later after this minor problem solved.
2) This version of gcin conflict with flash9, so it's not suitable for
default installation.

Thanks a lot.


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