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RE: [PATCH] make multi-arch CD/DVD images more visible

> This has certainly appened, *but* I have only see it happen with 
> downloads 
> of Sarge images as amd64 are not mentioned on the sarge pages (because it 
> was not a release arch). To the best of my recollection, I have never yet 
> seen this happen with Etch images.
me neither but from the posts on the debian forms i get the impression that those that are out of the loop don't try etch until after they have been told they don't have an ia64 chip and that this is likely to change after etch release. I also see a lot of posts about this that don't mention either etch or sarge explicitly in the initial post (and of course people immediately tell them to try amd64 etch so the question of which ia64 image they were using doesn't come up).

intel does not publicise the fact that they are now the cloners and amd the cloned so anyone who has been out of the techy loop for a while (or never been in it) is going to assume that amd64 is not going to run on an interl chip and anyone who has seen ia-32 used to reffer to 32 bit intel (not that uncommon). Also i belive there are many who won't remember macs are no longer powerpc.

> To prevent this an additional "note" about what to use with EM64T 
> processors could be useful. Or maybe a link "Confused about all these 
> images?" to a new page with a general overview of types of images and 
> arches would be good.
another alternative would be to structure the page so that it could accomodate a short comment on what each architecture was for alongside the links for each architecture.

currently it seems for the stable releases there isn't even a download page as such, i just get directed to a folder on the mirror and left to find my own way from there.

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